Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Team Land Rover Botswana - TLRBw Club is a registered social club with the Register of Societies & Clubs in Botswana. It is an affiliate to Association of Land Rover Clubs in the United Kingdom. TLRBw was established in December 2015 by a few like-minded enthusiast with a passion for the Land Rover vehicles they own. Their vision is to enjoy and share the experience of driving this iconic vehicles ever manufactured. This is a family orientated club that is exclusively for Land Rover owners and those who like the brand and plan to own in the near future. TLRBw is a non-profit organization which is managed by an elected executive committee with various portfolios and duties. The purpose of the Executive Committee (Exco) is to oversee the funds of the club and to arrange a variety of events for the members to enjoy through out the year.

TLRBw Club Objectives

1. To bring together Land Rover owners and enthusiasts

2. To promote responsible outdoor leisure and tourism

3. To be an active partner in community development initiative

4. To publish literature on off-road driving and outdoor leisure

5. To educate members and the public about responsible driving and disseminate information related to road safety

6. To affiliate to other clubs with similar objectives both locally and outside the country

7. To carry out any other activities that are related to the above objectives of the Club and which will promote the spirit of togetherness for the members of the club.


Since TLRBw establishment, applications for membership has been over whelming from all corners of the country with most around Gaborone, Francistown and Maun. These members are of all ages and represents Land Rovers of all shapes and sizes. Membership is open to all ages, race and creeds with one proviso – ‘passion for Land Rover’.

All paid up members will benefit from stipulated discounts at various associated stores and service providers, which the club will negotiate and update members accordingly. Most members also have a wealth of technical knowledge which is made available through mediums such as WhatsApp Groups which could be handy. These groups can also be handy during an emergency or breakdown as you can blow a horn and nearby members can come to your rescue. Members will also be advised and educated with their vehicle maintenance, accessories, best practices and off-road driving techniques. However, one of the major benefit of joining TLRBw Club is becoming a part of an elite, well-mannered, light hearted one big family.

Joining fee is a ONCE OFF fee of P300,00 and an additional annually subscription of P300,00 (Jan – Dec).The annual subscription fee will be reduced to P150 if joining the club any time after June in addition to the once off joining fee.

Club Activities

During the course of year, TLRBw will offer its members group activities including; a day driving events to various interesting places, breakfast runs, weekends away, camping trips, long trips within and across the borders, off-road training events, technical workshops, social responsibility events. Join NOW - however, due to branding purposes, NO other vehicle other than a Land Rover will be allowed on any of the TLRBw driving events. Your Land Rover is your passport to a world of wonderful experiences.

TLRBw club has a very strict ‘no drinking and driving’ code and this will be respected and adhered to by all members. A few drinks around the campfire after an exciting adventure is welcome, but drunk or disorderly conduct will not be condone. The club subscribes to a strict code of conduct and the committee is empowered to reprimand or expel any members who transgress the code of conduct or bring the club’s name into disrepute.