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We are a family orientated club that is exclusively for Land Rover owners aiming to :

  • To promote responsible outdoor leisure and tourism
  • To bring together Land Rover owners and enthusiasts
  • To publish literature on off-road driving and outdoor leisure
  • To be an active partner in community development initiative
  • To affiliate to other clubs with similar objectives locally & outside the country
  • To educate members & the public about responsible driving & disseminate information related to road safety

Sylvester Toteng

TLRBW Chairman (2018-Current).

Team Land Rover Botswana was formed in December 2015 by a group of enthusiasts who saw the need to bring together Land Rover owners from all parts of the country. The club was founded on adventure and family oriented values but also incorporates humanitarian efforts as a way of giving back to the society.

The club strives to adhere to high level standards of conduct as a motoring organization to ensure safety and responsible driving both on and off road. Much emphasis is also made on good conduct during gatherings, excursions and charity work to keep the Land Rover owners' long standing reputation of a mature and responsible group of people.

These values are derived from the UK based Association Of Land Rover Clubs (ALRC) to which TLRBW is a registered member. ALRC is the international monitoring body of Land Rover clubs which makes TLRBW part of the ever growing global culture of Land Roving. In the past three years of existence the club has grown and accomplished a lot. Apart from our regular low scale weekend off road excursions the club has embarked on large scale excursions and charity work.

The following are the large scale excursions the club has accomplished; Drives into the CKGR to donate food and clothing for two consecutive years; Elephant counting in collaboration with Elephant sands in Nata; Drive through the Sand veld terrain to Mmashoro for first AGM; Charity donation to Camphill children in Otse; Elephant Art conservation project in collaboration with Kingsley Holgate at Mmanoko Primary School; Convoy and camping excursions to Toyota Desert Race for three consecutive years; Khawa dune challenge for three consecutive years; Gabane hill climb adventure with Land Rovers.


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